Uluru: a reminder of our world’s transformation

Last year, I travelled to the centre of the Australian desert and took this photo of iconic Uluru. Not that you are able to tell this was taken 12 months ago: it could’ve been last week, or even the year I was born. The reason I point this out is because this rock is a very physical and literal symbol of stability, and the unchanging habit of monolithic natural features. And this stark reminder of unyielding durability juxtaposes with the examples of transformation that flow around it everyday.


Uluru, Australia, Nov 2016

The surrounding area is steeped in years of aboriginal history, made and remade by generations that have lived and died there; Uluru is the eye of the storm that is the wider Australian timeline, the unchanging centre of a whirlwind of transformations and developments.

Tourists come and go, a stream of people fascinated with the idea of something remaining the same for such an inconceivably long period of time, whilst the rest of the world constantly transforms.

This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge.



Nov 2017


6 thoughts on “Uluru: a reminder of our world’s transformation

    • Alys says:

      It was formed millions of years ago and since then, of course, it has been subjected to erosion. However, I think its sheer size, in comparison to the flat landscape around it, makes it seem so unchanging. Thank you!


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