My Winter Wanderlust Wish List – Blogmas Day 8

As a stubborn Brit, I find it hard to contemplate a hot Christmas, at least outside the house anyway; I love becoming a blanket burrito and being toasty warm in my living room. Last year, my build up to Christmas mostly took place in Oceania, and I found it quite difficult to acquire that festive feeling wearing shorts and smothering on the suncream.

I’m pointing this out before I dive into my winter wanderlust wish list as there is a fairly extremely obvious bias towards cold destinations in this post, so if you’re looking for suggestions of sunny places to go in order to avoid the December chill, I’m sorry to say you’re in the wrong place.

Now that’s out of the way, it’s time for the list:

Bergen, Norway



I feel like Bergen is that dream location that just encapsulates cosiness. Rows of pretty houses, all lined up and glowing, like fairy lights strung between snowy hills and deep blue water. I’ve visited Copenhagen, Denmark around this time of year before and loved the Scandinavian winter vibes: Bergen seems like a picturesque spot for a relaxed long weekend.

Galway, Ireland



At first glance, Galway looks like the Irish version of Bergen: cute rows of houses next to the sea. It seems a little more lively though, and offers the chance to see the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, a natural wonder that I think has the potential to look beautiful in stormy winter light. I’d love to visit Galway around New Year, to see both the natural and cultural beauty of this little chunk of Ireland.

Helsinki, Finland



Are you surprised another Scandinavian location has crept onto my list? I’m not at all. Helsinki boasts a Christmas market and promises plenty of lights and festive events, do I really need to say any more?

New York City, USA



A classic Christmas destination and the setting of so many festive films. How could it not have made it to the wish list? New York is by far the busiest winter holiday setting of this selection, and would definitely be a trip bursting at the seams with sightseeing… In between appreciation for the festivities taking place around the city, of course.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Luzern, Winterpanorama.


Yet another pretty city nestled amongst snowy peaks and water – is anyone else sensing a pattern here? I’ve never visited Switzerland before but have heard its natural beauty shines during all seasons of the year, for different reasons. So maybe this is a location for both a winter and summer wanderlust wish list!

So there it is, the my top five dream winter getaways. Which places would make it onto your list?

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