How to Make a Christmas Wreath – Blogmas Day 9

Nothing signals the start of Christmas like decorations, and in my opinion, one of the easiest things to make is a wreath for the front door. The amount of effort that goes into making one of these, once you’ve gathered the foliage of course, is minimal, whilst the reward is a pretty impressive festive statement to show off to the rest of the neighbourhood.

My family and I collected the plants for our wreath last weekend, which I wrote about on Blogmas Day 2. All that was left to do this morning was to assemble it; here’s how we did it.

You’ll need:

  • Several types of foliage of your choosing, including some long strands of ivy
  • Other decorative bits (I used small baubles and pinecones)
  • A wreath frame (optional, but it will be less sturdy without)
  • Garden wire
  • String
  • Secateurs/hand pruners for the plants and scissors for the wire/string

To form the base, wrap the long strands of ivy around the wreath frame, until the metal is all covered up. Alternatively, if you’re not using a wreath ring, entwine two ivy strands around each other, bend them into a circle and wrap several more pieces of ivy around them to strengthen the structure.


Next, you will need to create six or seven small foliage bundles to attach onto your ivy base. Do this by layering up your different types of leaves however you wish and fastening them together with garden wire. Position these on your wreath and once you’re happy with the placement, use more wire to secure everything in place.

After this, add on any other decorative bits you have in a similar fashion and then all that’s left to do is to use the string to attach your wreath to your front door!

I hope this has inspired you to get a little creative with your decorations this Christmas, I’d love to hear about the festive crafty things you’ve done/you’re going to do this year 🙂


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