Moments in Sydney: 101 Words of Gratitude

From July to November 2016 I lived in Sydney, Australia, in a room I shared with two girls I met in a hostel. I had moved out there alone and it was my first time solo travelling; as you can imagine, this was a period of intense ups and downs. The further I get away from those days, the more they become tinged in nostalgia and the more I want to hold onto those months I spent abroad.

I thought I’d write a short gratitude piece about some of my experiences there in a similar style to the 101 words I shared a few weeks ago about appreciating the January sunshine. In that post I mentioned how acknowledging small moments that make me happy in day to day life is one of my goals for 2018, so today’s post will be a paragraph of appreciation for my Sydney travel memories.

8th February 2018

My snapshots from Sydney are preserved in amber. Honey-splashed walks in the local park, weeks on end of shorts and t-shirts, eating crystallised coconut from a paper bag. The friends that turned to family, if only for a brief time. Shared tears, suncream bottles and 5 dollar Domino’s pizza. Trains that were always on time and always had empty seats. Being lost in a city that now feels like home, even though it’s 10,576 miles away. Sleepy walks to work at 5:30am, accompanied by sunrises dripping across the sky like cans of spilt paint. Sydney isn’t a place but a collection of moments.

What is something you’re grateful for today?

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