19 Things I’m Too Anxious To Say (In GIFs)

No matter how confident we are, we all have moments in which a tightening stomach warns us not to open our mouths and share our thoughts. Well, most of us anyway (Trump I’m looking at you). This intuition normally kicks in for good reason – to avoid a social faux pas and/or hurting other people’s feelings in some way. Yet for the socially anxious ones reading this, I’m betting your list of times you’re mouth has remained shut when a thought has popped into your head is a lot longer; it’s like having a stronger brain-to-mouth filter, one which can sometimes resemble a brick wall. Nothing is getting through there; no words seem safe enough and silence feels secure.

But are the phrases that get stuck in our throats the same the world over? This is what I’m curious about today, so I thought I’d share some of the things anxiety has stopped me saying in the past – and what better way to do this than through the power and humour of GIFs…

Things I’m Too Anxious To Say

“Can you help me?”

“I don’t understand.”

“I already knew that.”

“I love your shirt, where did you get it?”

“You’ve got salad in your teeth.”

“Actually, I don’t agree with that.”

“I don’t like that.”

“I’m vegan.”

“No thanks.”

“Yes please.”

“You’ve hurt my feelings.”

“That’s rude!”

“I don’t need to hear the list of specials thanks, I already know what I want.”

“Can you turn your music down? It’s a library.”

“I don’t want any more thanks, I’m full.”

“I’m going to leave the party early.”

“I don’t want to go out, I feel like lying on the sofa tonight.”

“Can I go to the toilet?”

“I feel uncomfortable.”

Whether it’s telling people my true opinion or just voicing my opinion in the first place anxiety sometimes tells me what I have to say isn’t valid and that no one would want to hear it. Anxiety likes to keep me in the dark sometimes, preferring uncertainty over getting someone to go out of their way to give me information; it also likes to make me blend in with the crowd, even if that’s by doing something I would rather not do. And of course, anxiety will avoid awkwardness at all costs.

I’m learning about the things anxiety tries to bully me into doing or not doing and fighting against these (sometimes). I don’t want to be limited by a fear of taking social risks which, rationally, are not generally huge. These things take time and practice though.

I’d love to know some of the things anxiety has stopped/stops you from saying to other people in the comments below. Are they similar to mine?

This post was made in collaboration with my boyfriend, who helped me find most of the gifs (he’s much more on top of all of that than me). You can find him on Instagram @inigomiranda 🙂

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57 thoughts on “19 Things I’m Too Anxious To Say (In GIFs)

  1. ruthinrevolt says:

    I love everything about this. I can pretty much relate to all of them and the GIF usage is excellent. I know the point you are making is serious, and I definitely feel you on that one, but it’s a fun way to go about it.

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  2. lifejourney4two says:

    I think a lot of your readers will relate to these ‘ words you want to say’ but can’t, Alys, even those without anxiety. Low assertiveness and low self-esteem can contribute to not speaking up, especially when we are younger. As you get older, for some reason, you start to care less about what other people think and naturally develop a bit more ‘attitude’, shall we say. Sharing and talking about it can help others feel they are not alone, and that in itself can be encouraging. Great job on sharing your thoughts and always pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone little by little. That’s what helps us grow. 🙂

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  3. nowheretobeproject says:

    I love your openness in dealing with anxiety. There is a relatively new book (forgot the name) that compares anxiety to a superpower because it gives sufferers the ability to see things in ways that others don’t. I like that attitude because it is a part of who we are and you always highlight that so nicely!

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  4. easetheride says:

    Love it. Especially the one about not agreeing and telling someone your feelings are hurt. Always seems to me like a one-way ticket for conflict, which I find terrifying and work hard to avoid. Anxiety seals my lips shut there. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. The Girl Who Writes says:

    I love this! I have had my confidence knocked since my depression diagnosis and I am now learning to build myself back up and speak how I feel honestly and openly. Another thing I am learning to do is stop apologising for things that aren’t my fault and for expressing my opinion. Thank you so much for sharing so openly and honestly xXx

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  6. Leah says:

    This post is great! Funny, but with a serious message. I can totally relate to having a strong brain-to-mouth filter – sometimes I really really want to say something in a big group situation, but I just can’t, it’s infuriating!

    I’ve been really enjoying the posts on your blog recently and so I’ve nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award! Absolutely no pressure to do it though! https://mybellyful.co.uk/2018/07/19/the-mystery-blogger-award/

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  7. Abigail Dove says:

    As someone who doesn’t suffer with anxiety but has issues meeting new people or being in large groups of people she doesn’t know, your words have really resonated with me. If only i had the confidence to explain to people what is going on in my head… great post.

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  8. emilycatherinemuir says:

    I LOVE this post. I think I can relate to every one, but especially “I’m going to leave this party early” – my brain is always telling me I want to leave, but I can never bring myself to tell my friends out of fear that I’ll come across rude. I’m definitely improving though. And posts like these always remind me that it’s okay to say these things, and I shouldn’t feel frightened of them. So thank you. 💛

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  9. Bexa says:

    I love this post Alys, very fun and creative! That cat hiding gif, awww! 😍 I know what you mean, anxiety can really hold us back at times. Thank you for sharing such a relatable post, it’s reassuring that I’m not the only one who struggles with this at times 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  10. BethRebecca says:

    Such a good way to bring attention to the struggles people face because of anxiety! For me, it sometimes makes me feel like I’m going to be judged for saying the wrong thing or stupid so I just don’t say anything at all which I’m trying to improve on!

    Beth x | https://bethrebecca.com/

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  11. Lindsay says:

    I love that you did these with GIFs! I can relate to many of them, I particularly like “I don’t need to hear the specials…” it’s torture letting them say all that when I’m just going to order the thing I always order 🙂

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  12. Hannah says:

    I absolutely loved the style of this post! I know my anxiety definitely stops me approaching strangers to ask them where they got their outfit from or complimenting them which I know they will love so much if only I could do it!!! xx

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  13. Dellybird says:

    I can definitely relate to some of them particularly not agreeing and leaving the party early. I hate drama so I am careful about disagreeing with people even though I know I should voice my opinions more. With my health problems I’m usually one of the first to leave a party but still worry about it being ‘bad manners’ or people trying to coerce me into staying longer (even though it’s for my health). I think my biggest one is probably saying no to things. Really good post and good job boyfriend on the GIFS 🙂

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