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Colour and the Quiet – Corella Street Photography Journal

At the end of summer, I was lucky enough to travel to three beautiful places in Spain: Corella, San Sebastian and Bilbao. I’m feeling a little nostalgic today, or perhaps the reality of university is starting to hit me and I’m craving a bit of a mental step back from it all – either way, I thought this would be a good moment to look back over my street photography from my little September Spanish adventure.

I was going to share snaps from all three places in one post, but I forgot just how many photos I actually took (spoiler, a lot). I figured such a long post of photographic content could get a little tedious to scroll through and so I’ve decided to chop it up into a logical three-part series and will release the other segments soon (depending on whether people want to see more or not). Each one will be quite short, but I thought that would be the better option of the two.

First stop: Corella. Located somewhere in the North of Spain with a population of 7,642 people, this is not your average tourist trap destination. In fact, I don’t think they’re used to seeing tourists walking the streets with cameras very frequently. All I can say is that this town is a photographer’s dream – people are missing out big time.

Rain or shine, the lighting here is gorgeous. Puddle reflections work well with bright skies, and narrow alleyways cut sunshine into ribbons that tumble into adjacent streets.

The colours are also stunning: earthy tones definitely come to the forefront in authentic small European towns such as this. Sandy coloured buildings stack on top of each other with sparks of colour delicately highlighting each frame taken. As someone who initially got into photography because of a desire to capture colour, amongst other things of course, Corella is a perfect location to rediscover the strength of that passion.

One of the things I liked so much about taking photos here was how quiet it was. It was so peaceful, and I felt like I had all the time in the world to get the shots I wanted without feeling in the way.

Taking photos of people can be a little tricky in places as quiet as this though. There’s no crowd to hide within and the snap of your shutter is painfully loud as it bounces off the walls rising around you. But the advantage of having such an empty scene is the fact that it looks like a movie set, with absolutely no effort on your part. So it’s possible to find a beautiful backdrop and, if you have the patience, wait for someone to walk right into the spotlight.

I think the main thing Corella taught me about photography is to take your time. To not rush things and really take joy in the process, not just the artistic outcomes.

Where’s your favourite travel destination for taking photos?

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13 thoughts on “Colour and the Quiet – Corella Street Photography Journal

  1. Johnzelle says:

    Glad to see a post from you! Spain is definitely on my travel list. Hope university is going well despite it being overwhelming at the moment. The semester will be over in like 6 weeks. You got this!

    Liked by 1 person

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