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Bullet Journal Stationery Haul 2019

One of the great things about Christmas is the fact that it falls right before January – the time in which I usually feel motivated to rekindle creative projects. This year, I knew I wanted to step up my bullet journal game; this, of course, required a little renovation of my art supplies and a haul of stationery as a Christmas present. Here is what I got and have had a chance to experiment with over the last few weeks…

Tan toned paper


This is one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until you had it. And now I am converted. White paper is (almost) a thing of the past. I love being able to paint in pale colours and have these pop off the page instead of pathetically blending in with the paper.

Find this here.

Tombow brush pens


This is one of the few things on this list I have had before (and I use to make headers like this). These pens were the first kind of brush markers I ever used and I think they’re great. I find that the nib frays a little after a while, so lines aren’t always clean, but apart from that I’d recommend them.

Find them here.

Waterbrush pens

These are hollow brushes you fill with water to supposedly make it easier to paint. I have only tried them out a little bit so far, and I have to say I feel mixed about them. Part of me loves the concept, and the wonderful blending abilities, of these brushes. However, I found it difficult going from one colour to another easily, and so maybe the possibilities are limited. Although they are good at the few things they do.

Find them here.


Uniball white pen

I have so much love for this inconspicuous pen. It adds gorgeous highlights to drawings and looks good as lettering over darker backgrounds. My only worry is that it feels as if it could run out very quickly.

Find it here.

Ecoline brush pens


These are my favourite things ever. Honestly. The colours are vibrant, and I love how the tone changes depending on the pressure applied to the paper. I just need to practice lettering now.

Find them here.

Crayola markers

These don’t need much explanation – I have always loved crayola markers. They’re perfect for people of all ages, and all sorts of projects. And so cheap! You can see my colour swatches for these pens on the right in this photo.


Find them here.

Winsor and Newton Brushmarkers

I will admit that I haven’t reached for these as much as my Ecoline pens yet (I know, it’s still early days). I think it’s because I’ve been so hyped about Ecolines for a long time, I haven’t wanted to put them down at all. However, this is completely unfair to the Winsor and Newton pens: they seem very good quality. Their tone doesn’t change as much with pressure (this is a pro and a con, I think, depending on the situation). I’m excited to give them a proper go in the future!

Find them here.

And I think that’s it! Did you get any new stationery recently? What’s your favourite?

screen shot 2019-01-03 at 21.26.38

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6 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Stationery Haul 2019

  1. Bexa says:

    Ooh, so many awesome art supplies! I want to buy them all, he he! I love brush pens, the Ecoline pack looks amazing, so many vibrant colours! I’ve never heard of a waterbrush pen before, I’d be interested to give it a go sometime to see if painting is any easier. Thank you for sharing your goodies Alys, after reading this I just want to do something artsy and creative ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  2. Johnzelle says:

    I just got a different size bullet journal as a gift for finishing my residency. I’m looking forward to switching some things up for February. Great post!


  3. Tyas says:

    That’s really creative, Alys! I love your handwriting and the drawings! I really want to try waterbrush pens though, it seems convenient to use it. Thank you for sharing x


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