Ice Cream For Breakfast? – Veganuary

The best moment about becoming a vegan has to be the day you first hear about banana ice cream, aka nicecream. For a lot of people, this will be in the early stages of veganism, in which scrolling through Instagram or trawling sites for food inspiration is a common activity. For some reason this phenomenon doesn’t seem to have spread much outside the vegan community, but I think this makes a brilliant breakfast, regardless of your diet choices.

Either way, once you’ve discovered nicecream there’s no way to not see it on social media; it seems to pop up everywhere. And once you’ve tasted it yourself, there is no way to go back: ice cream really is the best breakfast, and now that childhood dream can be fulfilled in a healthy way!

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From Distance Learning to Physical Uni: How My Mental Health Directs Change

A couple of days ago, I wrote about why I chose to study for a degree with the Open University, a distance learning institution. That post can be summed up simply in one sentence: I started Open Uni because I wanted to study for a degree but I didn’t know if I could mentally cope at physical university or if the subject I chose, Sociology, was definitely the right decision for me. (You should go check that post out if you’d like the full context behind what you’re about to read, though!)

I concluded that post by mentioning the fact that I decided to apply to physical universities for this autumn, despite having a list longer than a transatlantic flight detailing all of the reasons why uni wasn’t for me. Whaaaat? I know right, I’m so unreliable in my decision making.

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Why I Chose Distance Learning – Mental Health

Some of you may know I’ve been studying with the Open University, a distance learning institution, since October last year. I’ve been enjoying it a lot, but I’m not totally happy with every aspect of it, and last weekend I decided to apply for physical university, which, if I decide to go, would start this autumn. I wanted to write a post about why I might change to traditional uni, but that post wasn’t making much sense without the context to explain why I started studying with the OU in the first place.

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Misunderstanding My Anxiety

Hands sweating, heart racing, the bones in my legs were suddenly made of string. There was no way I was standing up, let alone on blades a few millimetres thick, on ICE. What was I thinking? Why did I think this was a good idea and I could do this? That’s a crazy concept anyway, people do not belong on slippery surfaces. They belong on solid ground, or in bed, actually yeah, bed sounds like an attractive option right now.

“Size 6.” I forced out of my unsteady lungs, handing my trainers over in return for ice skates and begging my mind to please, please just keep it together and not ruin this fun, yes FUN activity. I will have fun. Will I?

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13 Ways To Boost Your Mental Health In January

I’ve noticed that the month of January splits people’s emotions into pretty much polar opposites: the people who feel motivated and rejuvenated at the start of the year, and the people who have a tendency to feel lower or more vulnerable. For the latter group, dragging yourself through the long winter days which sit on the wrong side of the holidays can feel like really hard work.

Because of this, I thought I’d list off a few of the things I’m trying to do this year to give myself the best chance at having a mentally healthy 2018, and hopefully give a few people some ideas for themselves.

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Starting My First Minimalist Bullet Journal

I’ve fantasised about starting an arty bullet journal for years: in a heavily-influenced-by-Pinterest phase I went through a while back, intricately drawn pages with curly typography tumbled out of the screen at me in gushes of overwhelming beauty; I felt way too intimidated to begin one myself as I was consumed by the thought ‘mine won’t look that nice’.

The new year has just rolled around again and the bullet journal posts have begun to resurface, which at first, tugged on that creative and organisational part of my character and tried persuading it to pick up a pen and fill hundreds of pages with detailed, illustrated notes.

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