Moments from the Mountains: Black and White Photography in Wales

The other day I was tagged in a black and white photography challenge by Mary, so thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it! The rules of this tag are supposed to be: post seven black and white photos over seven days, which don’t include people or explanations, and to tag a new blogger everyday.

Now, I really like that idea but I also have some posts planned for that time, so I thought I’d modify the rules slightly a lot, to fit my blogging schedule and also my current Welsh travels. Instead of the rules listed above, I thought I’d share with you all my favourite black and white photos from the first few days of my holiday in Wales, and then tag some bloggers to get involved with any kind of version of this tag that suits their style.

So here’s a collection of some of the shots I’ve taken so far on this holiday!




Top of the Mountain









Table Mountain






We made it to the top!

As a bonus, here’s a photo from this trip of me, taken by @inigomiranda on Instagram, the happy face at the top of the mountains in some of the above photos.



I think tags are a great way to get bloggers thinking in new, creative ways, as well as helping to support each other’s content. I hadn’t much thought about writing such a photo-centric post about my Wales trip before I was tagged in this challenge, but I’m really glad I’ve had the time to bring together some of my favourite shots from the first few days here.

I’d like to tag a few people to get involved in something creative around black and white photography if they feel it inspires them! If you’re listed here, or even if you’re not, why not post a picture or two of something that makes you happy, take part in a seven day challenge like Mary is doing on her blog, or dedicate a single post to it like I have? I look forward to seeing your photos!

I tag:







If you’d like to read more about why I’m in Wales at the moment, head on over to my last post

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25 thoughts on “Moments from the Mountains: Black and White Photography in Wales

  1. Holly says:

    Thanks for sharing, these pictures are so great and look even better in black and white. Happy New Year when it comes, I can’t wait to see more of your photographs.

    Holly x

    Liked by 1 person

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